' O Pakhtuns!, Your house has fallen into ruin, let us rebuild it.'

Baacha Khan

Text of KK oath

" I am a Khudai Khidmatgar, and as God needs no service I shall serve him by serving. His creature selflessly. I shall never use violence, I shall not retaliate or take revenge, and Ishall forgive any one who indulges in oppression and excesses against me. Ishall not be a party to any intrigue, family feuds and enmity, and Ishall treat every Pakhtoons as my brother and comrade. Ishall give up evil customs and practices.Ishall lead a simple life, do good and refrain from wrong doing. I shall develop good character and cultivate good habits. I shall not lead an idle life. I shall expect no reward for my service. Ishall be fearless and be prepared for any sacrifice".