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    Baacha Khan Trust is a non-profit organization registered in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The aim of the Trust is to promote peace, democracy, human rights, interfaith harmony and empower disadvantaged people through community participation.



    About Baacha Khan Trust

    Baacha Khan Trust’s chief aim is to work for the socio-economic development, propagation of his philosophy of non-violence, peaceful conflict-resolution and co-existence, promotion of human rights, and his vision of creation dignified living conditions for the oppressed and marginalized communities and groups, particularly in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the whole south Asia.



    • Social, economic, educational and cultural development of the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    • Promotion of peace and human rights.
    • Economic and political empowerment of marginalized groups, particularly women
    • Environmental protection and preservation.
    • Poverty alleviation.
    • Increasing awareness of general people to understand their rights and help them in protection of those rights.
    • Development of human and natural resources.


O’Pakhtuns! ‘ O Pakhtuns!, Your house has fallen into ruin, let us rebuild it.’ Baacha Khan

Text of KK Oath

” I am a Khudai Khidmatgar, & as God needs no service I shall serve him by serving His creature selflessly.

I shall never use violence, I shall not retaliate or take revenge, & I shall forgive any one who indulges in oppression and excesses against me.

I shall not be a party to any intrigue, family feuds & enmity, & I shall treat every Pakhtoon as my brother & comrade.

I shall give up evil customs and practices.

I shall lead a simple life, do good & refrain from wrong doing.

I shall develop good character and cultivate good habits.

I shall not lead an idle life. I shall expect no reward for my service.

I shall be fearless and be prepared for any sacrifice”.